Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One in a Million, the final Lucky Harbor novel

One in a Million is a good book and a strong finish to the Lucky Harbor series. This book was bitter sweet for me because I have absolutely loved this series and don't want it to end. We met both the hero and heroine, Tanner & Callie, in the previous book, we weren't told however, that Callie is Lucille's granddaughter. Tanner & Callie are another couple who agree that while there is an attraction, they won't fall for each other. Callie was left at the alter, which is why she is disillusioned when it comes to love. Tanner went through a divorce at a young age, so he also doesn't want love. One of the big phrases in this book is "This changes nothing," and it is said most often after Callie & Tanner have sex. Both of them want to keep it casual, but Tanner is the first to acknowledge that it is becoming more for him. Lucille plays a larger part in this book because of her relationship with Callie and is still up to her social media antics. It was nice getting a more in-depth look at Lucille.

One thing I love about this series is the uniqueness of each character, but the consistency of how the town is described. In each book there's some form of this quote, " 'It's Lucky Harbor,' she said. 'You know how it works. You can leave your front door unlocked and no one would ever touch your stuff, but you can't keep a secret.' " (Note: I got an advanced copy of the book so the quote may change or get taken out of the book). Some of the characters from previous books get mentioned & a few make appearances (Sawyer pulls Callie over at one point).

This book was engaging and I had a hard time putting it down. The first night I started to read I told myself that I was going to read only a couple of chapters and the next thing I know it was almost midnight (and I had work the next day) and I'd completed 50% of the book. The next night was the same story, I started with the intent of reading only for an hour but ended up finishing the book and staying up waaaayyyy later than planned. I'd rate it 4.5 stars and suggest everyone read it. I'm not sure what Jill Shalvis will come up with next, but I can't wait to read it.

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