Friday, August 22, 2014

He's So Fine, Lucky Harbor #11

He's So Fine is the story of Cole & Olivia, both of whom we met in the previous Lucky Harbor book. While we were introduced to these characters in the last story, they never did officially meet. How did they meet? Cole fell off his boat while doing repairs and Olivia jumped into the water to save him. Well, her jumping in made the situation worse and Cole ended up having to save her. This is the first glimpse the reader gets of how caring Olivia really is and why Cole gives her the nickname of Supergirl.
Olivia is a secretive person who tends to keep to herself, but does become friends with Becca and Callie, the two women who live on either side of her. The reader learns quickly what Olivia's secret is and that she feels guilty for not sharing it with Cole as they grow closer. Cole is sexy and knows how to fix almost anything. If he sees something wrong he'll start fixing it without being asked, at times despite Olivia's protests. His big flaw is he sees everything as black and white. He was screwed over by a woman and that still haunts him, so it bleeds into his other relationships. 
This group of books has a slightly different dynamic between the groups friends than past books. The men are still really close, but the relationship between the women are slower to develop. Becca and Olivia became friends in the previous book, but Callie wasn't introduced until this book. Also, there were plenty of interactions between the men, which is true to past books in the series; however, there were far fewer between the women. I enjoyed the interactions they had, but I would've liked to see the friendships develop more. 
Overall this book was great and true to the rest of the Lucky Harbor stories. It had Lucille and the rest of the Geriatric Gang, social media posts from Lucille, and lots of laugh out loud moments (I was getting weird looks from those sitting around me while I was reading in public). This wasn't my favorite of the series, but I still enjoyed it. I'd give it 4 stars and recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good, light story and to all Lucky Harbor fans. 

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