Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dare to Submit

This book is definitely the HOTTEST book I've read by Carly Phillips. Decklan Dare is a sexy alpha male who has watched Amanda for about six months at a BDSM club that they both go to. He was always aware of her, but never approached her and didn't know her name until he had to rescue her from a Dom who wasn't stopping when she said her safe word. Amanda was also aware of Decklan, but too insecure to approach him. They each have their reasons for going to the club even though neither has to have the D/s relationship. Because they meet and establish the D/s relationship, Decklan is really upset when he finds out Amanda has been keeping something from him and tells her that she broke one of the main rules of that relationship by not being completely honest with him.
I started reading this book on a break at work and had to stop reading it because I was getting too hot and bothered. It starts off strong sexually because that is all Decklan & Amanda's relationship is supposed to be. This makes for a great book, but not ideal for reading in public. The story was captivating and I had a hard time putting it down to do things like eat and sleep. I love that Carly Phillips is taking a risk by making her books more erotic and I think she is doing an amazing job of it. I can't wait for the next Dare book. This book gets a solid 5 stars and a recommendation to anyone who likes Carly Phillips books and/or HOT books.

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