Monday, September 1, 2014

Beauty's Kiss

This is the second Jane Porter book I've read in a row, and I absolutely loved this. The story was of Taylor Harris & Troy Sheenan. Taylor is one of the town's librarians and Troy is a business tycoon. They are supposed to go to the town's Valentine's ball together, even though neither of them have met before. Neither is looking forward to going until they meet. Troy is intrigued by Taylor and wants to go with her, but Taylor doesn't want to go. As the story unfolds the reader learns about the trouble Taylor's brother is having, so she's distracted with that, and she doesn't feel that she's in Troy's league. Troy charms Taylor into going to the ball with him and even arranges a special surprise. The night of the ball something happens and Taylor has to cancel. Troy is disappointed, but understands. They do eventually get their HEA. I loved Taylor because I could see myself in her. She's more comfortable with her books than being social. She also hides behind those books because she doesn't feel very pretty. After being told she wasn't mature enough to care for her brother, she started doing everything she could to appear more mature. Troy sees past all of these defense mechanisms to the real Taylor. He charms his way into her heart and makes her see that she is smart, funny, beautiful, and most definitely in his league. I found myself falling in love with Troy and wishing he was a real person instead of the hero in this story. This story gets a solid 4.5 stars from me and is going in the read again pile.

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