Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cherish Me, Cowboy

Cherish Me, Cowboy is the story of Payton Hollis and Cordell Morgan. Payton is a head strong female who runs a ranch on her own. She lost both of her parents and since then doesn't accept help from anyone. Cordell comes to Marietta, Montana to lease some land and let his friend's cows get healthy again before sending them back to Texas. He and Payton end up becoming roommates when Henry, the owner of the land Cordell is leasing, asks Cordell to rent a room from Payton. Once they become roommates, they get to know each other and it gets to a point where they feel that their day isn't complete unless they see each other. Payton knows she can't fall for Cordell because she doesn't have time for anyone or anything but her ranch. He knows he can't fall for her because he's only in town for one reason, and it's not the one she knows. He also isn't staying so he doesn't want to get involved and risk hurting Peyton. This is a sweet story and another good addition to the series. The one complaint I have is this book didn't have any sex scenes. There was a comment about them undressing and then it was the next morning. I don't mind sweet romances, but I like a little bit of sex in them. Overall it was a good book and rates 3.5 stars. I'll probably reread it as part of the series, but not necessarily as a stand-alone.



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