Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bring on the Heat

This book started off a little slow for me. It opens with some pretty heavy description and for me that is just a bit boring. The book does pick up after the first chapter or two, so for anyone that reads this, keep that in mind. I enjoyed Darcy and felt like she was easy to relate to. She is a screenwriter who house sits and has pretty much become a personal assistant to the person she house sits for. She comments on Disney princesses multiple times, and one of my favorite lines from this story is, "..felt like every storybook princess who had ever been kissed by her prince. Except even better. Disney never implied eroticism, and this was thoroughly arousing." Lines like that show that Darcy is a romantic at heart, while she keeps telling herself to be real about her situation and not fall for Chase. In some ways Chase really was Prince Charming. He's athletic, the star pitcher of the Sonics, and actually does things like send someone to get a pair of shoes for Darcy when she brakes her heel in a sidewalk grate. The biggest problem between Darcy and Chase is Chase believes Darcy is her employer Lydia Logan. When they first meet Darcy tries to tell Chase who she is, but he doesn't believe her. From there it snowballs and becomes a typical lie that got out of hand until the lie is revealed at the wrong time by the wrong person. This is a good contemporary romance, geared towards sports fans or at least readers who like their heroes to be athletes. This gets a 4 star rating from me along with a to read again.

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