Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Sweet Montana Christmas

A Sweet Montana Christmas by Roxanne Snopek is a story of a couple, Melinda & Austin Sweet, who are down on their luck. Austin's company went bankrupt and as a result he pulled away from Melinda because he felt like he couldn't provide for her. Melinda became the breadwinner in the family and worked nights as an OB nurse. The couple drifted apart and the reader comes in when Austin has moved to his family farm in Montana and Melinda is living with her mom. This story was good and I liked both Melinda & Austin and their love for each other is evident throughout the story, even as they're talking about a divorce. This is a good example of how lack of communication and pride can cause a couple to break up. It was nice that there was not one huge fight, like there are in many romance novels, because it wasn't one issue that got in the way of this couple. They worked through some of their communication issues slowly and put in the work required to make their marriage work. This story gets 4 stars and is an easy read.


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