Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Night Unbound

I have been following the Immortal Guardians since Darkness Dawns came out and have fallen in love with the series. This is the latest in this series, and one I have been anticipating a lot. Lisette d'Alencon is someone who I have always wondered about and I was very glad I got to read her story. Zach, her love interest has secrets of his own and is accused of betraying the leader of the Immortal Guardians, Seth. He isn't the one responsible for the things he is accused of, but there is a lot of distrust between him and Seth. Lisette has to sneak around with Zach because Seth told her to stay away from Zach. Lisette is a very strong female who isn't afraid of kicking ass, and Zach loves that about her. This story isn't one that should be read as a standalone. They reference many things from other books, so for a reader who hasn't read the other books in this series some of the conversations might not make sense. I absolutely loved this book and this series will continue to be an auto buy for me. This book rates a full 5 stars and I'd suggest everyone who likes paranormal romance read this, and every other book in this series.

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