Saturday, November 29, 2014


Simmer by Deborah Grace Stanley was a complex, well written story. Emma Vance and Liam Anderson are both strong willed characters who only know how to rely on themselves. Emma was hurt by an ex and lost her parents at a young age, and as a result believes that everyone will eventually leave her. Liam cut off all contact with his dad at a young age and never knew his mom, which is why he had to become so self sufficient. Liam ended up a guest at Emma's family resort because he needed a break to try and refocus. What he didn't expect was to find Emma and fall for her quickly. He does have a secret that complicates things. One thing that made this book so good was the subplots. There were multiple subplots going on, and while they had the potential to stall the story or take away from it, I don't believe it did. I think they successfully enhanced the main plot. I give this story a strong 4 stars and hope that Emma's sister and best friend get their own story.


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