Monday, October 13, 2014

The Honeymoon Prize

The Honeymoon Prize is a sweet story about two friends who have always wondered what it would be like to be together but never acted on their feelings for fear of ruining their friendship. In some ways it was what I expected, but in other ways it wasn't. Nick needed a wife to keep his job and try to prevent the wives of his clients from hitting on him. Who does he ask to be his temporary wife? His best friend, Addie. They have known each other since they were 5 and that's why Nick thinks she'll make the perfect wife. Nick and Addie were entered into a contest by a friend of Addie and won an all expenses paid honeymoon and new wardrobe. The catch that the friend neglected to tell them is the honeymoon was also a reality TV show. Because of the show, the couple is forced to kiss and that leads to their feelings coming to the surface. I really enjoyed this book and give it a strong 4.5 stars. I'll definitely be reading it again.


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