Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dare to Touch

Dare to Touch by Carly Phillips is an absolute winner. Olivia Dare was a complex character who had issues that stemmed from two men in her life leaving her. She was a bit of a contradiction in that she encouraged her siblings to have a relationship with the father who abandoned them, but at the same time had trouble forgiving him herself. This contradiction made her more real to me because I've watched others behave the same way. Dylan Rhodes wanted Olivia from the first moment he met her, and he's finally decided to go after what he wants. He was compassionate enough to understand when Olivia needed space without being a pushover. Dylan understood Olivia's abandonment issues because he was also abandoned at an early age by his parents. The chemistry between the two was hot. This book was toned down sexually from the last Dare book, but it was perfect for the characters. I loved Olivia and Dylan's story and can't wait to read more about the Dare siblings and cousins. This book set up stories for both Avery and Scott, so I'll be excited to see who finds love next. This book gets 5 stars and I will DEFINITELY read it again.


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