Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Make Me Up

Make Me Up is the second book I've read by Avery Flynn. This book was fast paced while still being slow enough to develop a good story. Cam screws up pretty early into the book, but in a way that would only be a screw up to someone like Drea. She tries to break things off from Cam, but then her entire world gets flipped upside down and he is the only one sticking by her. I think my favorite line from this book is, "The others don't fucking exist." It just shows how despite everything going on, they're it for each other. I give this book 4 stars and want to go back and read the first 2 in this series.

Former special ops-turned private-investigator Cam Hardy leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. He's all charm and sex appeal, and who can blame him for putting it to good use? Besides, it works damn well on the stunning and tough-as-nails makeup artist Drea Sanford. Only this time, Cam may be in over his head...

Drea is trying to keep her naughty affair with Cam a secret. After all, he's Harbor City's version of a Casanova...if Casanova had a motorcycle. When Cam makes their hot little liaison known to the public, however, Drea vows never to have sex with him again. Then one of her clients turns up dead. Now Drea is suspect number one—and she needs Cam's help. But sleeping with him is one thing...trusting him is quite another.

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