Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The latest Lucky Harbor novel is great

I have been in love with Lucky Harbor, WA ever since I picked up Simply Irresistible and I have been following the series ever since. I was lucky enough to be chosen for Jill Shalvis' Bookaholics club and get advanced copies in exchange for honest reviews starting with Lucky In Love. I finished reading the latest installment in the Lucky Harbor series and I absolutely love Sam and Becca. Sam is grumpy and likes to keep to himself, and Becca is the perfect person to bring Sam out of his grumpy moods and challenge him on a day to day basis. Sam knows Becca is hiding something and eventually gets told that secret. I felt for Becca when she had to tell Sam what happened to her, and love that Sam supported her. We got introduced to the three heroes in this book, but not all three heroines. I was surprised about that, but it didn't take anything away from the story.  Like all of the other Lucky Harbor novels, I found myself laughing out loud at certain parts and getting funny looks from those around me. This is a book I will read more than once and can't wait to get the next installment.

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