Sunday, August 31, 2014

His Game, Her Rules

I'm one of those people who almost always finishes a book and will only quit if I just can't seem to get through for some reason. This is one that I had to stop reading. First off, the story was written in third person present, which caused the story to come across as choppy. On top of that, I felt like I was reading about middle school students instead of adults. Ty was cocky and whiny at the same time.He couldn't seem to get it through his mind that Eileen didn't want to go out with him. He kept saying things like you know you want to and you look like you want to go out with me? I just couldn't get to a point where I liked him. Eileen was supposed to be this strong character who knew that her job was going to be hard, but was strong enough to manage it. I felt that she couldn't handle Ty off the ice, so I was wondering how she handled the team on the ice (there had been no interactions with the players on the ice when I stopped reading). I only made it 19% (approx 6 chapters) into the book, before deciding the rest of the story wasn't worth reading. This is the first and probably the last book I read by Charlene Groom.

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