Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Nights Before Christmas

Three Nights Before Christmas by Kat Latham is the story of Lacey Gallagher, who was just released from prison on parole for a crime she didn't commit. Austin Wilder is the officer who helped convict her, and he needs her help restoring a train. It was hard for Austin to ask Lacey for help because he firmly believed she was the mastermind behind the drug ring and hated asking her for help. Well, in a typical romance novel fashion the sexual tension built until things combusted and they started falling for each other. This wasn't my favorite of Ms. Latham's books, but it was still a good book. I didn't feel like the sexual chemistry was as strong as in some of her past books, but I really liked that this was the final book about the Wilder siblings and referenced the other siblings a bit. The ending almost made me cry happy tears, but I'm not going to spoil why. I give this book a solid 4.5 stars and still can't wait for more by Kat Latham.


Have yourself a steamy little Christmas… 

After three years in prison, freight train engineer Lacey Gallagher doesn’t expect this Christmas to be very merry and bright. At least chopping down trees for her brother’s Christmas tree farm will help her save money to get her life back on track. All her plans derail, though, when her new job puts her in territory patrolled by the man who haunts her dreams—the forest ranger who sent her to prison. 

Austin Wilder isn’t thrilled about Lacey working in his forest—but he soon realizes he needs her help. His family is depending on him to restore an old steam train for a spectacular Christmas event, and train expert Lacey is his only hope of finishing in time. 

Working together challenges every assumption Lacey and Austin have about each other, and they discover a desire hot enough to melt even the deepest Montana snow. But will the season of second chances be enough to mend the most hardened broken heart?

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