Monday, July 6, 2015

Tempting the Knight

Tempting the Knight is the second book in the Fairy Tales of New York series and I really enjoyed this addition. Zelda was the girl who acted out for attention when she was growing up, so she got a bad rep. Well, once she hit rock bottom she brought herself back up but her reputation still is a party girl model. Tyrone is a legal aid attorney and isn't too happy when he gets woken up in the middle of the night by his sister's friend Zelda, who needs to be bailed out of jail. He bails Zel out of jail and they end up spending the long weekend together. What starts as no strings attached fun turns into something more serious, but only Ty is willing to admit it. I sympathized for Zelda immensely. Her parents died and her brother shut himself off completely. All she wanted was to be loved, but years of rejection from her brother made her see herself as unlovable. Ty was the perfect guy to break down her walls and convince her to let him in. This was a great modern fairy tale and gets 4.5 stars from me.


Once upon a time, poor little rich girl Zelda Madison wanted someone to love her, until she discovered being a badass was much more fun.

Ten years after getting kicked out of convent school and torn away from her three best friends, Zelda has worked hard to clean up her act, but her wild streak has never been completely tamed and — one midnight swim on Manhattan Beach later — she’s suddenly in urgent need of a knight in shining armor…

Hard-working legal aid attorney Tyrone Sullivan is the last guy she should call. Not only does he hold a grudge when it comes to Zelda leading his little sister astray all those years ago, he’s also supremely pissed about having to rescue a runaway supermodel from a Brooklyn police station at two am. But when Ty reluctantly agrees to bust Zel out of her ivory tower and let her hide out on his house barge for a few days, she shows him the wild side he didn’t know he had.

Zel discovers there’s nothing hotter than tarnishing a good guy’s armor… Until he starts to steal her bad girl’s battered heart…

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