Thursday, April 30, 2015

Her Secret Prince

Her Secret Prince is the first book I've read by Madeline Ash, and I enjoyed it. Dee was heartbroken when her best friend and the boy she'd fallen in love with disappeared. Jed fell for Dee too, but he was forced to move when his mom uprooted them. 10 years later he tracks her down and wants answers about what happened the night he left. Both characters were well written and there was a strong plot throughout the book. I didn't always agree with the character's decisions, but I was pleased with how the story ended. I give this book a solid 4 stars and recommend reading it. Note: I was given a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review.


At sixteen, Dee Johnson gambled her heart on her best friend Jed Brown – and lost when he disappeared without a trace.

Ten years on, Dee’s life is uprooted when Jed turns up on her doorstep, asking for her help.

Dee has been left behind by everyone she’s loved: her parents, her close friend Alexia, and a stream of lovers. She moves fast with men and suspects this is why they move on fast. Now that’s Jed’s back in her life, she’s taking no chances. Despite the attraction ripping at her seams, she holds back, knowing she wouldn't recover from being loved and left by him a second time.

A constant traveler, Jed has only felt at home once in his life – with Dee. Now that he’s found her again, he's determined to make up for lost time. He'll never leave her again.

Until an unexpectedly royal revelation threatens to strip Jed of his freedom and future – including his place by Dee’s side.

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