Monday, September 7, 2015

Bad Romance

I really enjoy Jen McLaughlin's writing, so when I was given the opportunity to get an advanced copy of Bad Romance, I jumped at it. Jackson and Lily are step siblings who haven't seen each other in seven years after being caught kissing gets Jackson kicked out of their house. They reconnect in an almost chance meeting and despite fighting it, they discover they never stopped loving the other. Of course, there are tons of reasons why they can't be together (one of which is Lily is engaged to someone else). You discover pretty quickly why Lily is okay with being with Jackson despite being engaged to someone else, and personally I didn't fault her. I did fault her for being such a pushover with her dad. This book was good, but it wasn't Jen McLaughlin's best. I give it 4 stars and will continue to look forward to more from this author.


In this explosive novel from bestselling author Jen McLaughlin, a good girl falls for the ultimate bad boy: her stepbrother. Perfect for fans of Sabrina Paige, Caitlin Daire, and Krista Lakes, Bad Romance proves that passion can be so wrong it’s right.

Seven years in the army will change a guy. But after a shoulder wound ends his career as a sniper, Jackson Worthington finds himself back home, fighting a battle that’s all too familiar: keeping his hands off Lily Hastings. She’s still her rich daddy’s little angel, innocent, impossibly lovely, as squeaky-clean as Jackson is dirty. And she’s still his stepsister—forbidden but not forgotten, not after the soul-melting kiss that got him kicked out of the house at eighteen. He couldn’t resist her then. How the hell can he resist her now?

Lily is about to marry a man she doesn’t love, and commit to a high-stress job she hates, all to please the father who controls every waking moment of her life. On top of everything, her teenage crush is back, with a sleek, chiseled body and a trace of the rebellious boy whose lips sealed her fate. Jackson’s timing couldn’t be worse . . . or better. Because Lily’s all grown up, too. She’s aching for another taste. And for the first time, she’s ready to be a bad girl.

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