Monday, June 22, 2015

Daring Ink

Avery Flynn has another hit on her hands. I love Carly Phillips Dare world and Avery has more than 1 book written as part of her Kindle Worlds series. Avery is a talented writer and this book is an excellent show case for those talents. Penny and Sawyer make a great couple and I love Penny's nickname for him. I found myself laughing out loud at times and I couldn't put this book down easily. I can't say enough good things about this book. It is one that I'll be reading again. It gets 5 stars from me along with a must read.

All tattoo shop owner Penny Dare wants is a good night sleep, but the activities of her oversexed neighbor can’t be blocked by even the best earphones. When her plans for creative revenge go fabulously right, the cops show up at her door…or at least one very hot, half-naked cop who just happens to be her ridiculously endowed neighbor—if the women’s panting praises are to be believed…

Former Miami Thunder running back Sawyer Dixon may have switched careers, but he’d always had a weakness for redheads. Despite all she’s heard through the shared wall between their bedrooms, he bets a former teammate that he can land a date with with his sexy neighbor. Helping her discover who is stealing her tattoo designs is the perfect way to get on her good side. However, as Sawyer gets to know Penny for more than just her jaw dropping curves, he realizes a single date may not be all he wants. But if she finds out the real reason he agreed to help her, all bets will be off…

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